Sunday, April 15, 2007

More about me

I guess I should explain a bit more about who I am so reading this blog won't be a complete shot in the dark. Well, I call myself the apple, since like the old saying, I fell down not far from the tree. In fact, as Big Apple (my mommy) likes to say, I plummeted. I'm very similar to my mother in temperament and mannerisms. People are always confusing us on the telephone. So to commemorate this aspect of our relationship I decided to name my blog "Not Far From the Tree."

I have two younger siblings - a sister (hereafter known as Pickle) and brother (I'll call him Gameboy). They are my nearest and dearest and annoyingest. We all get along when we want to.

My father and I also are very close. Currently he is trying to teach my how to drive so that makes our relationship rocky at times.

Things I think are a waste of time:
Making my bed in the morning (I'm just going to sleep in it at night anyway)

Things I spend time doing:
Looking at galleries of people that I don't know on OnlySimchas (occasionally, I have what I call an "OnlySimchas sighting" - I'll see a couple that I recognize from OnlySimchas. They don't know me and I don't know them personally, but I know their names, places of origin and what color everyone wore to their wedding)
Schoolwork when I feel like it
Wishing that I had lots of expendable cash so I could go to Brooklyn and go nuts shopping for expensive clothing
Cooking for Shabbat

Things I would like to do:
Not procrastinate
Go on a trip to a warm, sunny place with beaches and actually swim in the water
Exercise on a regular basis
Meet Barack Obama
Take my computer to get fixed so when I close it the edges are flush
Not say things that I'll regret later
Pass my road test and get my license (Pickle actually got hers before me)

This summer I will be interning in Washington, D.C. in a congressional office. Whose office I don't know yet, but it should make interesting material for this blog. Right now I'm a sophomore in college and really liking it. Sometimes I can't believe that I'm this old. I remember being much younger (and smaller) and looking at older people (like twenty-year-olds) and thinking that they are SO BIG. Well, now that's me. Kind of scary.

Okay, it's getting late so I'll sign off now. Bye!


SJ said...

You can hide but you can't hide! Think you're so sneaky starting another blog without telling me??? Well, I have discovered you now, and there is no escape!!!!

jackie said...

Hehe, I've seen "onlysimchas couples" before also. Does that make me stalker? :-)

Oh, and hi! Nice blog, so far!

Erachet said...

re: The Road Test (cue: scary music). The road test has been my nemesis ever since I was seventeen. I was (read: still am, kinda) afraid of driving and I'm not even going to disclose the amount of times I took (and failed) the road test, but it was probably my biggest hurdle these past few years (sad, huh?). BUT I FINALLY PASSED IT. Just recently, actually. My younger brother got his license basically a FULL YEAR before I got mine. So I'm totally with you on the not-having-a-license-yet deal.

By the way, it's funny reading your blog backwards. You know, most recent post to earliest post. Really, I'm procrastinating so that I won't have to do my Latin homework for a few more minutes.