Sunday, April 29, 2007

murble murble murble

Well, I really should be working, but as usual my terrible habit of procrastination has swallowed me. I figured I might as well leave a little post while I'm avoiding all my work.

My parental units left on a much-needed vacation today to the Bahamas. Okay, let me be accurate - my mommy has a conference and my father is going along. The point is, NO KIDS! This is the first time my parents have been on vacation since their honeymoon, which was almost twenty-one years ago. I kind of wish I could go, but at least my parents will have some privacy this way and won't have to worry about us kiddies bickering with each other. Ha ha.

Instead us kiddies are bickering at home. No, seriously, we're being very good and Pickle even did the dishes and cooked some french fries for dinner. She and Gameboy went on a bike ride together earlier, so they had some bonding time. I have not stepped foot out of the house today at all (actually, I went outside in the morning, sorry, forgot about that) and could use some air. However, that would require getting dressed, but in my infinite laziness I don't want to change out of my pajamas. Hence, I am inside like a hermit, avoiding my schoolwork.

I did get a chance to do my all-time favorite activity today: I watched home videos!!

I am absolutely, totally, completely, one-hundred-percent OBSESSED with watching home videos. For one thing, I was such a cute little kid. I talked very early on and in three languages: English, Turkish and Chinese. Wowee! you say. How is that possible? Simple. My dad's Turkish, my mother's American, and my baby-sitter was Chinese. Each person spoke to me in his/her native language and so I was trilingual before I was two. I also was very brilliant and was able to set the table before I was two and knew all the answers to questions like "Where is Mommy's office?" and "Where does Grandma live?"


I miss my baby self.

This post is very ramblingy so I hope it made some sort of sense . . .


Hila said...

oy i can soooo relate! i am such a procrastinator, and of course finals are coming up and i have sooo much work to do but i dont wanna do any of it!

the apple said...

I remember SJ had a post about procrastinating (don't remember which month, but there's a link to her blog at the right). Maybe it's a blogger syndrome and we all blog so that we can pretend that we're really doing something when we need to be doing other, much more important things!
Just a theory. ;)

Chana said...

:D I love how you were a brilliant baby. That's excellent. How I wish that I were trilingual. Sigh.

the apple said...

I ALSO wish I was trilingual. Sadly, I remember not a single word of Chinese, and my Turkish is very limited. I beg my father to speak to me in Turkish, but I understand so little at this point that he can only give very simple instructions. :(

And if anyone wants to sample my amazing language ability:
Merhaba. Ev yapti. Nerde elma?
Hello. I made a house. Where is an apple?

On the home videos, my father would narrate in Turkish for his parents. Often he would say "Apple Pickle cok (pronounced choke) seviyor." That means: Apple loves Pickle very much. Usually, as he says that on the video, I am hitting/attempting to hit/taking something away from Pickle. Ah, siblingal love.

Erachet said...

Wow! I love watching home videos, too! I think I was quite an annoying little girl because I was such a camera hog (you could hear in the background my mom telling me to get out of the way so she could actually video tape my baby brother) but home videos are really the best to watch!