Tuesday, April 24, 2007

spam poem

I have decided that every week, I will publish a spam poem based on a week's worth of spam (thank you to Chana for this idea - see the comments on post "Grr"). These words represent the names of the senders of spam e-mail and the subject lines. All spellings are the sender's own, but I have rearranged these words to say something so profound that if you find the meaning please let me know.

All interpretations are welcome.

Hence, spam poem #1:

Dempsey slice that are truly
resourceful hurtful microcosm
to reach ourselves.
remotely front man Elsie Richard Huffman
neutralize disallowing anti-gay tee shirts
It seems in our lives, we take a long ride
to some students is not a . . . Caldwell Louis
push button pay dirt

- seven days' worth of spam


Chana said...

That's awesome. Excellent. Now we can struggle to interpret it. I personally like the first line; the word "slice" denotes grilled cheese swarming with disturbing microcosms. :D

Erachet said...

I accidentally read the second line as "resourceful hurtful macaroon." WEIRD.