Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Well, today someone told me how to make my posts colorful. The problem is that this feature is not compatible with the Safari browser, and as a Mac owner, all my posts will be boring black. Fear not, however, because I do have access to a P.C. and so will occasionally be making adjustments so that my posts will be pretty. As you can see, I already adjusted my "More About Me" post. But if you are reading this and happen to be a Blogger technician or whatever you're called, can you fix this so that us Mac devotees can have colorful blogs too? Pleeeaaase?

On a completely different note, can I just say how much I hate Spam? It drives me NUTS! I have had an email address for years (about 8 or so) and up until a month ago, I got Spam maybe once a year. I was so happy to be Spamless. So, so happy. And then I signed up for something (I don't know what but I suspect it was Snapfish) and all of a sudden my Bulk folder is absolutely DROWNING in Spam. When I mean DROWNING, I mean LIKE FIFTEEN SPAM MESSAGES A DAY. That's RIDICULOUS. Also, does this mean that Snapfish gave my email address to third parties? I have to read that privacy policy again . . . shoot . . . and maybe send off an angry e-mail to Snapfish accusing them of bringing upon this deluge of Spam.


Chana said...


I receive 100 spam messages a day. Yes, one hundred. You're complaining about fifteen? Pfft. Not that I don't feel your pain, because I do.

But have you ever composed a spam poem? They're really excellent. You take random lines from different spam messages and combine them together to find a poem. Often your English teachers think you're brilliant. It's greatly exciting. :D

the apple said...

Chana, excellent idea! Maybe I will write a spam poem as a later post . . .

Erachet said...

Spam poems are the best. There was actually a contest online about who can compose the worst poem, because there are sites like poetry.com who will publish ANYTHING just so you will buy their products with your poem on it. So the contest was to see who could write the worst poem and send it to a place like poetry.com. So plenty of people wrote spam poetry.

By the way, just a fun tidbit, did you know that the term 'spam' was applied to junk mail and the like because of a Monty Python sketch? I'm sure you do know this, you seem the type to, but if not, you know it now! Good, fun sketch, too.

the apple said...

I am letting the spam messages in my bulk folder pile up and up and up so that I can compose a delightfully nonsensical poem and call it "Spam Poem."

BTW, Erachet, I didn't know that about the Monty Python source. Thanks for the heads up! Reminds me of Seinfeld coining the term "regifting."