Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why I am a dork and love it anyway

I am such a dork.

Last year, the day I left Israel after seminary, I bought myself a pair of sandalim. You know, those rubber-soled sandals with fabric velcro straps to hold your feet in? The thing is, I don't wear my feet bare, so I wear my sandals with socks.

That's right. The ultimate in dork-dom: sandals with socks.

The weather has become so beautiful outside, which is such a nice change after nor'easter weather that I dug out my sandalim and am now proudly wearing them around the house with socks on.

Ah, dorkiness.

I love myself.


Chana said...

I have Shoresh sandals but I go barefoot. In fact, I always attempt to go barefoot. To the extent that I got a sliver of glass embedded in my foot (yay for me, right?) Well, that was because I was taking Tae Kwon Doe (which you have to do barefoot, unless you have special shoes) and smashed my heel down on the glass. And then I went to the Emergency Room. Yay. :D

Erachet said...

In my high school, we weren't allowed to come to school with bear feet in sandals or anything, so EVERYONE was walking around with socks and naot. It was awesome.