Saturday, May 5, 2007

The amazing levitating bunny

Well, the parental units returned from their trip to the Bahamas (daddy got a lovely sunburn and mommy an even lovelier cold which she swears I gave her, but whatever). Apparently, on this conference was a very interesting motivational speaker named Giovanni Livera. Justa hisa name makesa me-a wanta talka like-a this. He is a magician who developed this whole program of managing your time well so that you feel like your life is purposeful. Mommy brought back this packet that he gave out - it was really neat. Inside a brown package made of a fabric-like paper were five posters, each one for you to write down different goals and things like that. Beautiful graphics and hopefully one day I will fill it out, when I am done with finals maybe and get around to it, ha ha.

Anyway, this post is named for one of the "tricks" he did during his speech. Gio (that's what people call him) took a bunny rabbit puppet named Winston and hypnotized him. Winston then proceeded to levitate. Mommy did a demonstration of this and it was hilarious. It's a bit hard to describe but I'll try my best: Winston is very shy, hiding his face from the crowd. Gio says, "Now Winston, don't be shy," and he gets Winston to face the crowd. Then Gio passes his finger back and forth in front of Winston til Winston is HYPnotized: his entire puppet body goes OPEN like the Cingular logo. Then Winston sloooooowly leans back until his body is horizontal and his head back, and rises up into the air. Gio passes his hand over and under Winston, showing the crowd how there are no strings attached.


Another cool thing that Gio orchestrated was a trick that I've seen bochurim do at weddings: 4 people sit on chairs with their shoulders touching. Then they all lean back on each other so that one person's head is in the next one's lap, and they are all overlapping. Then the chairs they are sitting on are taken away, and amazingly, the human origami square stays up - nobody falls! It's really an amazing trick. When I get married iy"H, I want people to do that for me at my wedding.

Also, I want this guy to come to an honors event. He probably charges an arm and a leg, though. This would be an event that people would actually WANT to go to, not like certain other somewhat boring speeches I could mention but won't.

Tomorrow is Lag Ba'omer, but sadly, my rav said that I can't listen to music until Lad Baomer, ie day 34. :( You'll all just have to keep me in mind.



Chana said...

This magician sounds so cool! We should really have him come to an Honors event...efficiency experts rock, and ones that levitate bunnies are even better. :D

Sounds like your parents had fun!

Erachet said...

I have done that chair thing before!

Anonymous said...

Dear You the Apple,

I have done the cool chair thing, too. Iy"H, if you notify me of your engagement in advance (as per our conversation), I will try to do it at your wedding. It's not hard.)

Good luck studying!

Happy Lah B'Omer.

SJ said...

YOU'RE an amazing levitating bunny!

Anonymous said...


Can you tell more about the Giovanni experince?



the apple said...

I wasn't there (my parents were) but I'll try to sum it up for you. The talk/experience that they attended was his "Live a Thousand Years" program - basically, his philosophy is that you should live your life to its fullest to feel the most productive. He has twelve "chimes" that are each a specific thing that you're supposed to do to increase your life's quality. For example, time for yourself, time to give, time to reset, etc. By doing each chime, you feel the most productive. Giovanni gave out a beautifully bound set of "maps" that each participant was meant to fill out and chart themselves a path for growth. My parents enjoyed it very much. Also, he did magic tricks, which everyone liked!

I think that's basically it. If you want, you can visit Giovanni's website at

I hope this helps! Oh, BTW, how did you find this blog?