Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I am officially on vacation!


And a happy Yom Yerushalayim to everyone! If anyone wants to read an amazing, amazing book that will really make you feel the happiness and incredibility of this day, read The 28th of Iyar by Rabbi Emanuel Feldman (same author as Tales out of Shul). He went on sabbatical at Bar Ilan during 1967 and was in Israel during the war and subsequent reunification of Yerushalayim. It's well-written and very moving.

And now back to vacation mode:


Don't get me wrong, I really liked my classes this semester. But I love waking up and knowing that I don't have to write any papers, or do any readings, or show up to class, or wake up at 8:15 . . . although that'll all change come June, when I go down to Washington for my supercool and intense congressional internship!

I still need to:
Book a ticket on Amtrak
Go shopping - I need lots of conservative office clothing
Buy various odds and ends
Read up about my prospective boss and keep myself up-to-date with what he's doing, thinking, feeling, etc.

As the date of departure gets nearer, I am getting slightly more nervous every day. What if I come across as a total ignoramus? What if everyone hates me? What if I say something really dumb to someone who turns out to be really famous and/or important? What if I get hopelessly lost in the maze of the House buildings and can't find my way back to my office? Eek!

*deep calming breaths*

I guess I'll just try to worry about all that when I actually get there and can commiserate with other scared interns. Everyone wish me luck!

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Ezzie said...

Best of luck. If you don't mind my asking, who are you going to be working for? (You can not answer or answer via e-mail if you prefer.)

I know a few people down there as well. Perhaps they can help with things.