Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Of granola bars and happy days

Today I helped one of the LAs organize press clips and information regarding immigration bills. I didn't think much of it, but a few hours later, I had this instant message exchange with him (I did some creative adjustment of the actual screennames):

hisfullname: do you enjoy an occasional granolabar?
apple87: sure
hisfullname: sure is not a satisfactory answer
apple87: okay, do you have a granola bar?
hisfullname: no.
apple87: alright then.
hisfullname: you still havent answered my question
apple87: I enjoy an occasional granola bar. Occasional.
hisfullname: why occasional?
hisfullname: too much?
hisfullname: too sweet?
hisfullname: i enjoy the nature valley, honey and oats
hisfullname: what about you?
apple87: personally, I prefer the peanut butter flavor
hisfullname: interesting
apple87: but it all depends on how hungry I am
hisfullname: that totally came from left field
apple87: indeed
hisfullname: well i have a slight situation
apple87: oh no. what is it?
hisfullname: well i wanted to get you something for your help today. however there arent many kosher things (atleast that i could think of) in the cafeteria
hisfullname: so i got you a honey and oats granola bar cause its my favorite
*he comes to my desk with a granola bar*
apple87: oh, thanks so much! that's so sweet!

Isn't that the nicest?

It made me so happy.


Ezzie said...

That *is* nice. Cool.

Chana said...

One of the sweetest things about non-Jewish people; once they understand what kashrus is they always want to give you things.

My boss yesterday:

"Olivia-" peers at box of Swiss chcolate, "what's the little symbol again?"

"Oh," I come over, "it's from Switzerland; it won't be on it. But thanks so much anyway!"


Scraps said...

Aww, that is really sweet. :)

jackie said...

What is an LA?

the apple said...

Ezzie and Scraps - yup.

Chana - I like that story.

Jackie - an LA is a legislative aide. He researches various legislative topics in depth and then chooses what to present to the Congressman. It's a pretty important job.

rebecca said...

That's really amazing. I have a co-worker who is similarly aware of Orthodox Jewish practices. One day we were working together and she had her iPod playing on speakers. All of the sudden, she almost lunges over her speakers and turns down the volume. "Wait! Is this the time you're not allowed to listen to music?"

Erachet said...

Wow, that's awesome. Sounds like you had a much better experience with the Kosher thing than I seem to have had. But maybe it was just me being overly self-conscious or something. I feel like I gave the wrong impression when I said I keep Kosher today. I don't know why, it was weird. It's all in my blog and unsettles me greatly. :(

the apple said...

Rebecca - they even know about sefira and the Three Weeks?? That's amazing!

Erachet - I read your account of your kosher-education experience :(. Some people are instantly sensitive to your needs and others don't take it as seriously. Just be consistent, offer an explanation with a smile if asked, and if they still don't like that, well, too bad on them!