Thursday, July 5, 2007


I had an epiphany recently.

It wasn't a happy epiphany, but it was a good epiphany.

It means that I won't be doing too much emotional damage to myself anymore.


Now I just have to undo all that I did.


I need a hug.


Chana said...


Much love to Apple.

Rebecca said...


jackie said...

Yay! Go Apple!


Have a wonderful, heilege and happy shabbat shalom umevorach!

Feel free to call me! Talk to you, bimheira biyameinu k'kein yehi ratzon v'nomar amen. :-)

Chaya said...


I'm so happy for you, Apple. Have a great week!

Scraps said...

Epiphanies like that are good, even if they aren't happy. I'm glad you won't be doing further emotional damage to yourself; you seem like a really nice, thoughtful person and I don't like to think of you hurting yourself like that. Good luck undoing the damage already done; for some of us, that's the work of a lifetime.

(((((HUGS))))) <--you can never have enough of them!

the apple said...

((((((hugs everyone back))))))


P.S. Thanks Scraps - it meant a lot to me.

Scraps said...

You're very welcome. I meant every word I wrote. :)

(((hugs))) <--some more, in case you start running low on them

SephardiLady said...


Ezzie said...

When I first read this, I thought it'd be strange to give you a hug. Still do, so... hope 'tis all going. well. :)

the apple said...

SephardiLady, thanks.

Ezzie, yeah, that might be a leeeetle bit weird. Things ARE much better, b"H - just needed some time :).

Erachet said...

I'm so sorry I didn't comment on this post sooner! With all the things going on lately, I never got a chance to return here and give you a *HUG*