Monday, August 6, 2007

How did I mess up today? Let me count the ways ...

[Ahhhh, Internet. *deep breath* I have withdrawal symptoms from not having Internet access ALL DAY.]

Oh gosh, did I make some hilariously embarrassing mistakes today.

1) I faxed something to an attorney whose first name I thought was Lillian. Upon closer inspection I discovered that the actual first name was, in fact, William. So not only did I *totally* get the name wrong, but it was even the wrong gender. Smooooooth.

2) I spilled food all over the floor.

3) After a caller identified herself, I breezily said, "Hey! What's going on?" Bad. Baaaaaad. She was not happy.

Oh, did I mention I'm working for a law firm?

You'd think I have no experience working in an office based on this.

Well, in my defense . . . okay, I have no defense, except to say that I haven't worked office phones in, like, a week, and also, "William" in script looks a lot like "Lillian." Okay? Hmph.

But I don't think anyone noticed anything! And also, there's no Internet at the office (which means no G-chatting, or AIM, both of which I have become seriously addicted to recently). So nothing to while my time away, except for game after game after game of Solitaire, which requires almost no brainpower. I should really do crossword puzzles or something.

Besides, it's much better to be able to laugh at yourself than to get all worked up about these kinds of things, right? Right.

As long as I don't get fired . . . la la la la la . . .


An Intern that didn't spent enough time away from his apartment said...

Apple, you need to get a better game to play on the computer.
But, honestly after some of the mistakes I heard this summer it can't be so bad. Its not like you hung up on a congressman or anything. And the William fax, its his (or your boss's) fault for not writing clearly. If they loose any business its their own fault not yours. But for the life of me, why would you say hey whats up unless you actually knew the person. In which case why were they upset, unless they are really just that stuck up.
Just one final thought what food was spilled on the floor? I hope it wasn't anything special.

the apple said...

Intern - the computer at work is like a thousand years old (Windows 95, or something like that). Okay, the "what's up?" was a total slip of the tongue! Really! (And a really dumb thing to do. I do regret it.)

Oh, and I spilled Cheerios. And then stepped on some of them. So I had Cheerios rolling all over plus crumbs. It was fun.

Haha, I knew I could get you to comment!

Ezzie said...

:P aren't you glad you decided to take the job? :)

the apple said...

Ezzie - lol! It's okay - I had fun today. Time went by quickly and I had a lot of stuff to do. Plus they have really good candy in the back ;).

Rebecca said...

Don't get caught up on the small things, Apple. I work (well, volunteer) in an office myself where every so often I find myself looking like a dunce...and the truth is, people don't really care after a day or so. I agree with the Intern, though--whatever you do, don't hang up on a Congressman! :-)

Scraps said...

Ooh, ancient computers with no interet stink. Internet withdrawal is the pits.

I think your mess-ups weren't soooo bad, although cleaning up the Cheerios probably wasn't fun. At least you didn't hang up on a Congressman! :-D

the apple said...

Rebecca - don't worry, I'm not worried about these mistakes at all . . . nobody saw, and besides, they like having me around at the office, so it's good. Oh, and I never hung up on a member of Congress - thank GOD. I heard some stories about unfortunate interns who did make such mistakes.

Scraps - *long-suffering sigh* yes, I really, really miss the Internet during the day . . . but I make up for it by spending all my time online when I'm home!

Diet Dr. Pepper said...

You should really try some minesweeper. Even old computers have it.
Working in a law firm? Sounds cool. Do you feel like you're getting a better idea of what the law profession is like? I'd love to hear about it.

the apple said...

DDP - the attorney I'm working for does a lot of real estate, so I end up talking to real estate agents, mortgage people, banks, clients, title companies, other attorneys' offices . . . it's pretty cool. They give me responsibility, which is nice. And now I know stuff about how property is bought and sold. The attorney also litigates, but I don't know as much about that. There's so many different directions to go in law - I feel like I'm getting a pretty close-up view of real estate transactions. I don't know if that's something I want to necessarily do as a career, though.

I *stink* at minesweeper. And the little bombs look like bugs to me. (Don't ask. It really creeps me out though.)

Erachet said...

I stink at minesweeper, too. And don't worry about all your mistakes - I've made mistakes in my internship, too! I think it's expected that interns will make mistakes :) When did you take this job, btw? Is it new?

And in my newspaper internship, the computer I use is incredibly old, too. It has internet, but the browser isn't compatible with things like facebook and even with the regular AOL page! It's a really, really old Mac.

the apple said...

Erachet - I actually worked at this firm during the summer while I was in high school, so they know me already. When I came back from Washington, I asked if they wanted me to come in to help out for the next few weeks before school starts, and they said yes.

Scraps said...

I'm a pro at Minesweeper! My best times for each level are (in order of beginning, intermediate, and expert): 6 seconds, 36 seconds, and 99 seconds. Need any tips, you know who to call... :-P

Ezzie said...

Scraps - Feh. 3 seconds, about 30 (don't remember), and I believe 97. :P