Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Little Shop of %#$*!@

Okay, I need to blog about something QUICK so that I don't think about the upcoming show. (One of the other main parts might have mono, I keep forgetting certain lines, I still get confused with some of the lyrics [at least it's only one of the eleven songs I'm in], no one seems to come onstage at the right time, we've never had a practice with every member of the cast, and the show is on Sunday. ::sigh:: I'm *really* looking forward to Shabbos.)




I made up a haiku:

Don't be in school shows
Tolls will be taken on you
Have regret after.


Moshe said...

Based on what I have seen from people who have acted in school shows: you will look back on this experience and remember the good...that bad has a funny way of being forgotten. Your overall memories of this experience will be positive and you will be glad you did it.
Acting in shows is not something you will always be able to do. Take advantage and enjoy it. I know it's easy for me to write and probably hard for you to do...but trust me.
Anyway, good luck and enjoy!

Ezzie said...

Bad English major. Bad!

Easier to say:

Don't be in school shows.
They will take a toll on you.
You will regret it.

Ezzie said...

Oh, and what Moshe said. And re: Shabbos... :D :D :D (they don't spin like in GChat, but hey...)

the apple said...

Moshe - oh, for sure. You're definitely right. And for the most part, it is fun, really.

Ezzie - hmph. Just because I'm an English major doesn't mean I can write poetry! And besides, you have to have the flavor of haiku style, ie, disjointed sentences :D. But really, I have to chastise myself. I used passive voice - the horrors!

badforshidduchim said...

Nah - I still remember the awful parts. Just don't bother regretting after because it's a waste of energy.