Monday, December 3, 2007

**tantrum alert**

This is NOT RIGHT.

You're taking advantage. Do you realize that?

I committed to it - fine. But that doesn't mean that you can suck up every SINGLE FREE SECOND that I have. I need that time. It's really important to me. And frankly, I don't care about it anymore. Certain other aspects of my life are a little more important and far-reaching than a college performance.

It's not fair.

And you're making it very, very hard for me to feel at all excited or happy to be a part of this.



Ezzie said...

[runs away in fear]

[comes back]

Oysh. That's annoying... if it makes it any better, at least it's over in 2 weeks.

jackie said...

I've heard SJ sing this song before....I think that this is just how performances go. When it gets to be crunch time, they swallow all of your time, period.

And yes, it stinks. But if it's any consolation, I'm sure you guys will be incredible.

Erachet said...


I'm here for ya, man! Come hang out with me inside the plant! We'll have a tea party! :P

Scraps said...

I've felt that way before. It's really frustrating and annoying when something you wanted to do for fun becomes a burden because of the way it's run. You're entitled to a tantrum, in my book.