Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Glob of the day, or Sweepy Meme

1. How much sleep do you get on an average night?
Erm. Um, about 7 or so hours, sometimes more. If I'm at SerandEz - about 2 or 3.
2. Is that enough sleep for you?
No. No sleep is ever enough. People always tell me I look "so tired!"
3. At what time do you normally go to sleep and wake up?
In the dorm - go to sleep about 1:30ish in the morning, wake up relatively close to the start of class. At SerandEz - go to sleep anywhere from two to five a.m., wake up at about 7:00 on weekdays and 11:30 on Shabbos/Sunday.
4. Do you usually fall asleep right away or have trouble?
I have trouble falling asleep unless I'm absolutely zonked, which is partly why I push off going to bed til so late - I need to be really really tired to fall asleep immediately.
5. What size bed do you have?
At home, a twin. In the dorm, weird dorm size (actually the most comfortable of all the beds I sleep in on a regular basis [sorry Ezzie]). At SerandEz, couch (and occasionally twin bed in Elianna's room).
6. How many pillows do you use?
Usually just one. Sometimes I don't use any, sometimes I use two.
7. In what position do you sleep?
Scrunched up on my side or on my stomach. Usually with my shoulders all the way up and my arm bent oddly so that when I wake up I feel sore.
8. Do you need it to be quiet or dark to sleep?
YES. I need darkness and as much quiet as possible. On verrrrrry rare occasions I've been able to fall asleep with light on and some ambient noise, but on the whole I'm a very sensitive sleeper, and need total darkness and quiet.
9. Do you use earplugs or an eye mask?
Never earplugs, but I have used an eye mask. It's not as weird as it sounds!
10. Have you ever used a sleeping aid long-term?
11. Do you use headgear, a night retainer, or a biteplate?
No b"H. Never had braces.
12. What do you normally wear to bed?
T-shirt and pants, year round.
13. Do you frequently fall asleep in your clothing?
If I'm at SerandEz, yes (I'm paranoid). If not, never - I love pajamas. I always change the minute I get back from school.
14. Do you prefer a heavy or light blanket?
Heavy. Light blankets don't feel like they're warm enough. I like to be in a cocoon.
15. Do you prefer warm or cool PJs?
Cool. Combined with a heavy blanket - yum.
16. Do you wear socks to bed?
I prefer not to, but when I fall asleep in my clothes socks are usually part of the picture.
17. What is your bedtime routine?
Hmm. Does "stay up as late as possible til I'm too tired to do anything" count? Usually I G-chat til my eyes are closing and then read a little.
18. Do you listen to music when you’re falling asleep?
No. Can't fall asleep with noise.
19. Have you sucked your thumb in recent years?
Not my thumb, but my left pointer finger. Habit from babyhood that I've pretty much shaken, except for when I'm exceptionally tired and can't seem to sleep.
20. Do you still sleep with your childhood blankie/teddy?
My baby pillow, yes, when I'm at home.
21. Do you snore?
22. Do you sleeptalk or sleepwalk?
Don't think so.
23. Do you wake up to use the bathroom often?
Sometimes. I usually go to the bathroom right before I go to bed, but I also like to drink before I go to sleep, so sometimes one doesn't cancel out the other.
24. What things inhabit your bed aside from a blanket and pillow?
Usually some clothes at the corner of the bed.
25. What kind of alarm clock do you use?
My cell phone.
26. Do you ever wake up before your alarm?
Yes! Ugh! It's so annoying - I never get the amount of sleep I think I will when I set my alarm at night.
27. Do you frequently take naps?
Rarely, unless I'm about to cry with exhaustion. I've found that napping during the day throws me off at night (although it's not like I have a normal sleep schedule anyway). Shabbos however I like to sleep during the day.
28. Have you ever slept ‘under the stars’?
No, but I'd like to try it at some point.
29. Can you fall asleep on a bus, train, or airplane?
Definitely not on an airplane (not enough room). The few flights that I've taken I've come back completely cranky and teary from lack of sleep. I have fallen asleep on a bus or train once or twice, but usually the movement jars me from my nap.
30. Have you ever fallen asleep and missed your stop?
And last, but not least,
31. Over the course of a lifetime, the average person swallows six spiders in his/her sleep. How many do you think you're up to?
Barf. And I think that's a myth.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The afternoon prayer

With this in mind . . .

A teacher of mine in high school related this idea, which I find extremely compelling and relevant. I don't know the exact sources.

When Avraham sent Hagar and Yishmael out of his home, the Torah tells us that Yishmael began to die of thirst in the desert. Yishmael cried out to Hashem to save him from death, and Hashem heard his tefilah and sent a well of water to restore him.

Fast forward many years. Yitzchak famously goes out into the field "lifnot erev" (before the evening) and establishes the tefilah that we know as mincha. But he didn't go to just any field . . . he went to the place where Yishmael, many years earlier, had called out to Hashem to save him. Why did he do that? Why did he choose that place and that time specifically? Because Yitzchak knew that there had to be a way for bnei Yisrael to combat the power of the tefilah of Yishmael - so he went to the same place, at the same time, and established a prayer that the children of Israel can use to overcome the power of the children of Ishmael.

That is the power of the afternoon prayer.