Monday, April 28, 2008

Hail from Grr

Dear Other People,


I come to you from Grr, a small independent island off the coast of Frustrating, where we eat only cookies and cake, mainly of the chocolate variety. Rather like the island of Conclusions, where you can only get to by jumping, Grr has no actual connection to mainland - you must bob your way over by scrunching up your face, making fists and emitting a low yowl of irritation. No need to apply; simply get cranky easily and you will find yourself here in no time. Please refrain from bringing along any pat aphorisms designed to make problems go away - we on the island of Grr prefer our grumbling to soothing sayings, unless you really have a good solution (or very, very good cake).

Ta ta!

Queen of Grr


Erachet said...

May I join the Royal Court at Grrr? I have cookies?

Erachet said...

Or Grr, rather.

Diet Dr. Pepper said...


Hey Apple, amu"sh

I'm not sure if compliments are considered a form of "good solution," but this post was really amusing.

I have no cake, but I may have some old Stella D'oro cookies.

FrummeYenta said...

:) Cute post!!

How about pesachdik rainbow cake?

the apple said...

Erachet - fiiiiine. I'll accept cookies.

DDP - Stella D'oro is ALWAYS welcome!

FY - erg, Pesachdik? I like the nice chametz variety!

FrummeYenta said...

Don't believe I have any chometz cake...though I still have PLENTY of pesachdik cookies etc. yummy yum!

Frayda said...

I love this post. I visit Grr about once a day. Great place!

the sabra said...

awesome post

and ya, maybe just clarify how those living on Chirpee are NOT welcome. like ever.

(man i love funny grumps!)