Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On jealousy

Sometimes it's hard not to feel jealous of other people. They seem to have things that you don't and never will have, and try as you might, you're just never going to succeed the way they do. The scary thing about jealousy is that you can practically feeling it growing within you, but somehow, the greater it gets, the harder it is to snap out of it. And feeling jealous of someone makes you begrudge them any sort of success, even if that success is unrelated to what you're jealous of exactly.

How do you undo it? Is it by acknowledging your own gifts and strengths? Sometimes that just isn't enough. If I wish desperately that I possessed a certain talent, or had certain things coming to me, and they just aren't, it doesn't always suffice to say, "Oh, but look at what I do have." Sometimes the things that you wish for are important too, and not having them isn't negated by looking at things that you do possess, but that pale in significance when compared to what you wish you had.

Anyway, this is quite a useless post. Cheerio!


Ezzie said...

Mi Heashir? HaSameach B'Chelko

Not saying it's easy.

G said...

A wise man once said...Life's not fair, but such is life.

That wise man's not so wise son once said...yup, sometimes life sucks.

Erachet said...

So not a useless post. I feel the same way as you do a lot of the time. It's very frustrating.

SJ said...

I find that what works most effectively for me is reminding myself that what the other person has does not take anything away from what I have--in other words, that she has something doesn't mean that I have it less, or that I have less of a chance of attaining it.

Obviously, it doesn't always work, but, you know...emotions don't really like to listen to reason.