Monday, June 23, 2008


It's this weird thing about maturing, and getting older, that all of a sudden stuff just starts to . . . happen. Some of it's happy, like friends getting married, and having children, and some of it . . . isn't. Of course, all throughout my life I grew up with unhappy things happening around me. My house has been a shiva house four times. People in my community have had health issues, they've had family members who passed away, classmates have had siblings with serious illnesses.

But there's something different about having one of your own friends, who should be happy and healthy and looking forward to starting a family in the near future G-d willing, having a health issue that's so frightening that when you think about what she's experiencing, it takes all your willpower not to crumple right where you're standing under the weight of it. It's like I have this weird idea in the back of my mind that certain things are only supposed to happen to people who are older, not to people in their 20's. I am so thrown by this news that I received tonight that this post doesn't really make much sense . . . I don't even know what point I want to come across. My heart just feels so heavy.


Juggling Frogs said...

May your friend have a complete and speedy healing/recovery, and may you share good news together soon.

halfshared said...

wow I can only imagine how horrible that must feel. The only thing you can really do to help is to daven for her and be there for her. May we only hear good news. I'm sorry :(

YB said...

Refuah Shleima

aoc gold said...



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