Monday, June 30, 2008

Zen and the art of handbag maintenance

1. Never be so smug as to assume that leaving a half-eaten nectarine core in a weak baggie in your handbag will not result in infusing your bag with a unique and pungent scent.

2. The colorful coating on the outside of pills such as Advil and Motrin will melt off when the pill comes in contact with a wet substance.

3. The colorful coating, once melted off the actual pill, is likely to seep into the lining of your bag, put up stakes and remain there for eternity, vaguely reminiscent of campy tie-dye.

4. Do not be discouraged, however! For the newly orange interior of your handbag now matches the exterior. Matchy = Zen.


Ezzie said...

1) "Handbags." Feh.

2) Duuuh. :)

3) Grosssss

4) Eeew.

jackie said...

At least you seem to have a very healthy attitude toward your newly zenned bag.

Attitude is nearly everything nearly always. :-)

Bad4 said...

that gives it a new Quality to appreciate...


Perel said...

Once punctured a hole in a tube of lip gloss in a zippered hand-bag pocket and did not come upon it again until the whole bag was glittered with sticky pinkness.

Stam said...

uch i hate taking advil bec of the coating.

aleve is a pretty color AND coatingless!!!