Monday, July 14, 2008

Random things that I've seen or thought on this trip

1. I wonder how many of those young married girls pushing strollers are people that I actually know, but don't recognize because their "hair" looks different.

2. How does anyone afford to live here? *I* think the prices are expensive, and at least the dollar is [a little] better than the shekel. How do the people who only have shekalim do it?

3. Diagonally across from me on the bus yesterday was a woman who, inexplicably, unfolded a napkin and placed it on her head, holding it in place with sunglasses, for the duration of the bus ride to Tel Aviv.

4. I have only seen two women wearing those "super tznius" ponchos over their clothes. Granted, our apartment isn't exactly in Me'ah She'arim.

5. Wow. There are a LOT of pregnant women in Yerushalayim. Secular, observant, unidentifiable - lots of 'em.

6. Israeli religious girls who want to dress in a slutty way are almost better than American girls at achieving the look.

7. If I was Israeli, what would my hashkafah be?


Perel said...

Ah, Apple. I miss you and my daily dose of bluntness...

Moshe said...

Answer to 5: The Jews are getting pregnant because we desperately need to reproduce faster than the Arabs or we'll lose Israel. ok, so that's probably not the reason; but in a war of numbers we need more people!

Ezzie said...

#7 - Chardal.

Frayda said...

If I was Israeli, what would my hashkafah be? What are the options you are considering?

the apple said...

It's tied into watching people on the street and wondering who I would dress like if I lived here.

Which do you think I am considering? :)

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