Monday, November 17, 2008

free thinking, or what is on my mind at 3:40 a.m.

ugh, why can't i sleep? it's 3:36 in the morning and i know i'm going to be so tired tomorrow, and then people will say, "oh, you look so TIRED!" grr. i don't like when people do that.

also, i'm thinking about debt, and how to avoid it. also how to avoid having a job that makes me wake up super early :(. i love sleeping til nine. then again, it would be good just to get a job and frankly i'm getting really nervous about that. can't do grad school (at least for the fall). i still need two letters of recommendation -- who am i gonna ask? this post is totally rambling, which probably indicates that i should get some sleep. also, i wish that i wouldn't have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, hate that. sorry, was that oversharing? i really should get some sleep. why's there so much drama this year? it's fun not to really be a part of it. it's good to get out of things while you still can. and i wish people would send in their articles. and i sort of really hate the -- -- -- for being totally babyish on me and not giving me the info i need. totally lame. lame, lame, lame. omg what am i going to do next year? teach? haha. who would even hire me. work as a journalist? no experience. and who is even hiring. i feel like no one is. time warner just laid off six hundred people, that's six hundred people who no longer have a job, poof. what makes some people keep their jobs and other people lose theirs?



YB said...

Glad you fell back to sleep. I was up and am still up.

Erachet said...

Clearly I was not up when you wrote this, but I was up a lot of the night, too.

Ezzie said...

sorry, was that oversharing?

{wince} maybe a little there... :)

Diet Dr. Pepper said...


you the apple, amu"sh

you're funny, you know that?

it was nice to see you today and to read your blog now that i'm allowed to do so.

as Chazal say (i don't know where), "ein simcha k'hatarat ha'sfeikot".

good luck!

Bad4 said...

nobody gets their first job at Time Warner unless they're a minority... Didn't anyone tell you that great journalists all start out covering the sanitation route in Yahupiztville, USA? A great excuse to move out of town.

...funny, how all these out-of-town lovers get jobs that are New York-centric...
Just observin'