Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annoying NYT Op-Ed

Remember when I used to post?

I've been really busy lately, b"H pooh pooh pooh as my grandmother would say. I have a summer internship that I really like and an apartment that I love, just a little stress over some big decisions that I need to make.


I saw this awful Op-Ed piece by Tony Judt in the NYT on Monday. Infuriating:
However, Israel needs “settlements.” They are intrinsic to the image it has long sought to convey to overseas admirers and fund-raisers: a struggling little country securing its rightful place in a hostile environment by the hard moral work of land clearance, irrigation, agrarian self-sufficiency, industrious productivity, legitimate self-defense and the building of Jewish communities. But this neo-collectivist frontier narrative rings false in modern, high-tech Israel. And so the settler myth has been transposed somewhere else — to the Palestinian lands seized in war in 1967 and occupied illegally ever since.
It just shocks me how much historical amnesia people have. Two points:

1. If you are going to call the residents of a country called Palestine "Palestinians," guess what? The Jews also lived in Palestine. We're also Palestinians! Gaaaahhhhh!

2. Israel did not seize Palestinian lands in 1967. They won Jordanian lands.

I wonder why blogs didn't really mention this.

I wish I had something more thoughtful to post about.


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Ironic that she calls something a myth in the same line she makes up history.