Friday, July 31, 2009

a note

About my other post -- I took it down. I'm too worried about what a Google search would yield. Despite what might be coming across, I do like my current position and would be very sorry if it ended up sour because of an ill-thought-out blogpost.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What they say...

...and what they want:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ezzie has a post up about how people prefer not to date people on the “quieter side,” and he suggests that people not describe others that way, as it could prejudice potential dates against that part of their personality. He makes other good points and so you should hop on over there and read it.

But you know what else is true in dating? People don’t want the really outgoing ones either. People don’t want intensity. They don’t want passion. They want “reasonably outgoing.” Not too shy, but not too loud either. Definitely not someone with opinions, who doesn’t have qualms about putting them out there. People want… I don’t know, cupcakes? Mice? Little sweet girls who just giggle and smile and nod and never say anything? Girls who won’t tell you if they might have a better suggestion for a date place, because Heaven forbid they should actually voice an opinion! Or make -- gasp! -- a decision!

I can be slightly overwhelming. I know that. I can be overly critical and vocal about things. I know that too. And I know that those are qualities that need to be worked on and can sometimes be unpleasant to others. But I just wish people would look past that and see that I’m like that because I care about things, because I’m passionate about the world, because I feel deeply about justice and honesty, instead of just seeing it as “insulting” and “relentless” and “high standards.”